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Advisory Board

Andy Payne

Founder/Partner Gambitious | CEO Mastertronic Group

Andy Payne is an experienced computer and video games professional of 27 years. In 1988, Payne formed games production company, The Producers, and in 1997 he founded Just Flight, a flight simulation company. Both companies still exist as part of The Mastertronic Group, of which Andy is CEO. Mastertronic is a multi-format video games publisher active in both packaged goods and digital. Andy started Get Games in 2009, which is an independent digital distribution platform, and also leads the NESTA initiated games developer consortium, AppyNation. Andy is also chairman of UKIE, sits on the BAFTA video games committee, and was a founder and chairman of games industry charity GamesAid and has just recently been re-appointed as a trustee. Andy was appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in December 2012 for services to the computer and video games industry.

Harry Miller

Founder/Partner Gambitious | Founder/Partner Devolver Digital

Harry Miller has more than two decades of experience in leading teams to build new companies and is currently a founder of Gambitious. Miller is also a founder and partner of Devolver Digital, a curator and promoter of exquisite games working on the fringe of modern video game culture. With a focus on business development and deal negotiations, Miller has built several successful companies from the ground up and enjoys forging strategic partnerships for quick and aggressive growth to enable new companies to compete on a global scale. Most recently, Harry served as President and Head of Development for Gamecock Media Group, and before that Gathering of Developers (GoDGames).

Mike Wilson

Founder/Partner Gambitious | Founder/Partner Devolver Digital

Mike Wilson is an accomplished entrepreneur and a dogged champion/devotee of the independent artist movement. For more than a decade, Wilson has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between the business and art communities in creative and lucrative ways for their mutual benefit. Co-founding and working as an executive at some of the most high profile companies in the video game industry, Wilson and his business partner Harry Miller have unabashedly fought for artists’ rights in an industry growing at a faster pace than any in entertainment history. Mike was previously CEO and Head of Marketing for both Gamecock Media Group and Gathering of Developers (GoDGames).

Graeme Struthers

Code Enforcement Officer at Devolver Digital

Joined virgin interactive in 1994 , becoming the vice president for sales and marketing in the UK. And International territories. During that period was part of the team. That launched Command & Conquer, Resident Evil and The Broken Sword series in Europe.

Joinrd EA as part of the Westwood Studios acquisition and was responsible for the integration of the C&C brand as well as the European launch of C&C Tiberian Sun. Post launch, left E a to form a small European PR & Marketing group where we launched Final Fantasy 9 along with Vagrent Story & Parasite Eve for Square.

We grew the agency and worked with clients such as R*, EA, Sony, Capcom, Take 2 and many others. Returned to games publishing alongside Mike Wilson to reform the Gathering of Developers in 2002. Together they rebuilt the PC Development program and released projects such as Mafia, Vietcong, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Stronghold 2, Railroad Tycoon 3 and Age of Wonders.

Took a break from the industry post Gathering of Developers before joining Atari to work with external development studios and focus on bringing content such as the Witcher and Guitar Hero to the group.

Joined Gamecock in 2008 to establish the European office and build up a core publishing team to take our content to market. Post acquisition of the company we formed a small team to focus on digital platforms and have been successfully releasing content through Devolver Digital over the past 3 years on all major platforms.


And more developers and other experts from areas such as IP law, production, and publishing, to be announced.