We’re Gambitious

Our Games so far

Breach And Clear Deadline

now available on Steam Early Access

Breach & Clear: Deadline

Mighty Rabbit Studios + Gun Media

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Magnetic Cage Closed

Spring 2015

Magnetic: Cage Closed

Guru Games

Xbox One PS4

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Train Fever

available now

Train Fever

Urban Games

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Available now on PC
PS4 + PS Vita April 2015


Renegade Kid

PS4 PS Vita

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Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a publishing label created as a key component of an ongoing effort to offer artist-friendly digital content production and publishing (inspired by Devolver Digital) to an ever-growing number of developers around the world, utilizing an evolving set of creative crowd finance tools and techniques to get more great games funded, produced, and successfully released.

artist-first relationships

IP and creative control remain with developers at all times, including all PR and marketing activities in addition to the games themselves. In short, we’ve permanently checked our ego’s and do not wish to exert control over any artist we work with, but rather to support them in any and all ways needed (and none that aren’t) on a project-by-project basis.

putting our money where our mouths are

We realize talk is cheap and so we like to get to proving our rhetoric as quickly as possible. Our model works, and it works for all involved from the artists to management to project financiers through a system of transparent, simple contractual arrangements that can be easily understood.

We have nothing to hide from anyone in the process; we invest alongside our outside investors, we work alongside our developers, and we bridge the gap between the two for mutual success.

indie ethic

The publishing company operates like the indies we work with: lean, nimble, and progressive with a low overhead; we rely on a global team of professionals with experience in all aspects of project management, production, finance, pr and marketing, localization, QA, platform partner relations, distribution, merchandising, and the occasional breakdancing.